It’s Time to Get a Fall Tune-Up!

It’s that time of year when a calm breeze creeps in, leaves start to fall, and the question of, if it’s time to get a fall tune-up comes to mind. The answer is yes! Don’t find yourself in the middle of Winter as cold as ice, wrapping yourself in a blanket, knelt down by the fire for hours and hours. The price of having to pay and maintain your unit may be overwhelming, but imagine the price if you wait too long and the cost of repair doubles! Below are 4 reasons to make an appointment for why it’s time to get a Fall tune-up.

Reason 1:

Less future problems with your unit

The hustle and bustle of life can easily distract you from the more important priorities in life when it comes to your A/C and heating unit. However, it’s important to make sure your seasonal tune-ups are on the top of your chore list. Just like anything that is being used on a daily basis, your HVAC system needs to be maintained. If you check this off your list of responsibilities, less issues and costly repairs will be needed in the future.

Reason 2:

Increased Efficiency

Tune-ups are recommended in the first place to thoroughly clean your systems. If your unit isn’t being cleaned, debris and dust tend to build up quickly over time. As a result, systems will have to work harder because of a dirty filter. If your unit is clean, efficiency will be at it’s highest, given that there aren’t any other problems at the time. You want efficiency out of your system to make sure you are spending your money right!

Reason 3:

A Safe and Healthy Home

Nobody wants to live in a home with airborne toxins, right? We didn’t think so. Avoid putting your family in danger of illnesses and health issues by making sure to call and schedule a time for a tune-up. There’s nothing worse than discovering the reason why your child or loved one has been having trouble breathing is because of your own ignorance.

Reason 4:

Extended Life of the Unit

If you sign up for a preventative maintenance program and continually service your unit each season, you won’t expect having to replace your unit anytime soon. And new system can range into 3 to 6-thousand-dollar range. I’m sure there are many other expenses or bills that need to be paid, or maybe even just something you’ve been saving up for like a new T.V.! Buying a new a new T.V. also sounds way more exciting.

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