What Causes an A/C Unit to Leak ?

You might be suprised to see a leak springing from your air conditioning unit , of all places. Since when does running the AC increase your risk of water damage? Unfortunately, its actually common for air conditioning units to form leaks. As soon as you spot moisture speading from the eqipment, you need to act to prevent damage and rectify the problem in your AC unit. Here’s what might be causing the leak and how to fix the issue.

Is the Drian Line Clogged or Disconnected ?

Most of the time when we encounter a leaking AC unit, the culprit is the drain line. Perhaps it’s clogged with debris and causing the drian apn to overflow. The drian line might also not be secured to its fittings, resulting in weak points where it can leak.

Is the Condensate Pump Malfunctioning?

Sometimes, condensate pumps can become too dirty to function properly, which then leads to leakage from the unit. As the pump malfunctions and becomes moist, mold and mewdew can grow, causing further blockages that continually contribute to leaks. Additionally, dirty filters block the airflow to the evaporator coil, causing the coil to freeze and then melt.

Is the Air Filter Clogged?

Failing to switch out the AC unit’s filter can lead to numerous problems, including reduced system efficiency and general wear and tear. If you spot a leak from the unit, it could be occuring because the dirty filter has caused the unit to malfunction. That’s why we always advocate for frequent air conditioning maintenance.

Is the Unit Low on Refrigerant?

When the AC unit dosen’t have enough refrigerant, it can’t cool the system as well, which causes the evaporator coil to freeze and melt. Although the drain pan will catch some of this melted water, it might overflow. and cause a visable leak.

Call Redline Air Conditioning & Heating for Help.

Depending on the severity and the extent of the leak, you may need to repalce the entire AC unit. Let our trained professionals take a look at the situation and determine what the next steps are. Call 1-210-319-8931